LaToya Cantrell, Mayor of New Orleans: A Political ‘Outsider’ Takes Charge of City Hall

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Mayor Latoya Cantrell Inauguration

This multimedia case blends 13 short videos (with Mayor Cantrell, colleagues, and experts in New Orleans politics), a text narrative, and assorted images to tell the story of LaToya Cantrell, the first woman elected mayor of New Orleans.

The case covers Cantrell’s reflections on her upbringing, her rise as a citizen-activist fighting for the survival of her Broadmoor neighborhood after Hurricane Katrina in 2005, her election to the New Orleans City Council in 2012, and her unconventional approach to her new role as district council member. The case then turns to Cantrell’s hard-won election as Mayor in 2017. It describes, in her first year in office, her bold move to address (and link) New Orleans’s crumbling water infrastructure and the diversion of hotel tax revenue to state and private entities designed to promote the tourism industry.

The case ends mid-term, allowing students to assess the course of Cantrell’s political career midstream, and to consider what course she might chart, going forward.